Selasa, 11 Agustus 2009

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SAN JOSE, Costa Rica, President Óscar Arias that he fell ill swine flu. This case proves that even a head of state is not safe from the attack of A-H1N1 virus.

President aged 69 years and wholesaler Nobel Peace said in a statement that he was quarantined at home and take anti-flu drugs.

"This pandemic is not unfair. I was one of the cases in this country and I have ordered health officials to protect the entire population," said Arias, Selasa (11 / 8) local time.

Arias also has asthma so he more risk than other people. However, the condition is quite good and it still works. "While it's not comfortable because of fever and sore throat, I felt in good condition and able to work full," he said.

Arias showed symptoms of bird flu since Sunday. However, he still appear in public until Tuesday morning when he was in a call center. Arias became the center of attention after being a mediator in the political crisis in Honduras after the presidential coup d'etat in that country on 28 June.


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