Rabu, 12 Agustus 2009

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TOKYO, - A few days ago that an earthquake is quite powerful - 6.5 scale - has been the Tokyo and the surrounding area. The earthquake caused landslides that this is indeed the victim does not eat people, but with the LCD manufacturer.

Corning glass company, said the quake resulted in production of LCD akan stopped some time. LCD manufacturing factory in Corning Shizouka has been disrupted by the earthquake is.

James Flaws (CEO, Corning), said no employees injured. However, the operation of making glass in the facility the company is now discontinued and will stop for some time.

Flaws said, Corning is considering options to meet customer demands and try to restart me and floatation tank floatation tank-smelting plant in the glass-manufacturer in the world.

"It is clear that the volume of glass in a fully owned business we akan lower than originally planned for the third quarter. Pengehntian Currently this does not seem to affect our fourth quarter delivery," he said.

Of the LCD glass volume will decrease between 5 and 10 percent in the third quarter, so Flaws said. Fortunately Corning also have another LCD glass factory in Japan, including the Ventura gabungdan with Samsung that is not affected by the earthquake.

Not yet known what impact statement as Corning's LCD glass manufacturers to supply this LCD from the LCD manu

facturer. But hopefully not make the LCD price rise.


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