Selasa, 04 Agustus 2009

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Jakarta Model Manohara Odelia Pinot melayat mbah surip leader in residential merry Mamiek 'Srimulat' in Kampong Makassar, East Jakarta. When arrived, thousands of people greeted Manohara.

Manohara arrived at around 14:05 WIB along with his mother and father Fajarina Daisy, Rainier. Manohara face looks sad.

"I am the sad," he said while walking toward the house mourning, Tuesday (3/8/2009).

Thousands of residents who see the return of Mano was hysterical with the name of the tall model. "Mano, Mano," a number of people screaming.

Up to now Manohara still at home mourning the corpse be buried mbah surip.

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