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SESNSATION streak fisher indeed be great fun, like get the property. can not be pleased by anything, what more when the fish get enough sensation .own streak fisher!!!
GT[giant trevally] one of the stubborn fish paighting, Species is like hiding behind the reef to the ropes to break the rod.Like other predators, GT [giant trevally]is very powerful, has an incredible stamina in the fight for a long period of time, and able to swim very fast for a long time, and able to swim very fast to escape from the rod.
Hunting GT[giant trevally] is full of exciting adventure is one of the activities fishing the latter is very popular. Once the adrenalin teraduk feel a poke and see the heart berdegup fast dahsyatnya invasive tree GT[giant trevally] popper on the surface, nicaya he will always be addicted to a fight one opponent, no matter the energy at each terkuras contention with this spectacular fish.
Caranx ignobilis (Förskal 1775) Giant Trevally[GT] or kuwe gerong or bobara is a species of fish of the shallow sea that can be found throughout the year. Therefore, you should not be to the sea to search for GT., But enough in the shallow waters around the areas that are protected from human activities, where there are lots of coral and stream quite swift. Deep in the shallow sea or five meters in depth to 100 meters we can find the monster fish that, according to Peter Goadby weight can reach 80 kg this.
There are many locations in Indonesia fishing popular among hunters GT [giant trevally]class of the world, including Bali Nusa Penida, Lombok, Komodo Island, Alor, and Rote in East Nusa Tenggara, and atol Takabakang the group in South Sulawesi. Of course there are many other places in Indonesia which is the habitat being God nan glamor, but not as open GT[giant trevally] hunting field, both in inshore and offshore.
Fisher using modern techniques with a bait casting popper of wood, aluminum, and for hunting polybalsa GT[giant trevally]. Technical fishing bait popper with a technique known as Popping came from Australia, but it is growing very rapidly in japan.
In Indonesia, the techniques have been developed by Popping Adhek Amerta from Bali since 10 years ago. In the last few years, the number of who want up fast so now popper has been easy to find in the shops, fishing rod in the INDONESIA.


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